VirnetX Promise

Cutting-edge secure communications technology is only one of the essential elements of our products – another is integrity. As a publicly traded, end-user-focused company, we have an inherent desire to ensure that all of our products have our customers’ best interests in mind. VirnetX’s goal is to create safe online neighborhoods where people you trust can share photos, music and other private information. You control your personal data and take it with you without a central repository. Additionally, you decide what data to share and with which recipients over a completely secure data network. VirnetX gives the power of choice back to the user under a secure umbrella that organizations and individuals can feel confident about.

Here at VirnetX, we view seamless security as a prerequisite. Through our products and licensing agreements, our mission is to bring completely transparent and secure communications into your home and workplace. Whether you’re a road warrior or just want to communicate with a loved one, VirnetX has a secure solution that fits your specific needs.

This is why our company promise is Secure Real-time Communications.