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Gabriel Collaboration Suite

Gabriel Connection Technology™ Our patented Gabriel Connection Technology™ combines industry standard encryption protocols with our patented techniques for automated domain name system, or DNS, lookup mechanisms, enabling users to create a secure communication link using secure domain names. Gabriel brings Virtual Private Network protection to all organizational scales, as well as individual users. (Learn more…)

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Secure Domain Name Initiative

Secure Domain Name Initiative VirnetX is launching a Secure Domain Name Initiative (SDNI) and is in active discussions with leading 4G/LTE companies (domain infrastructure providers, chipset manufacturers, service providers, etc.). As part of the SDNI these companies will help deliver the necessary security requirements for the next generation 4G/LTE wireless networks. The SDNI will implement […]

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Secure Domain Name Registry

Secure Domain Name Registry VirnetX intends to establish the exclusive secure domain name registry in the United States and other key markets around the world. Customers, including service providers, telecommunication companies, ISPs, system integrators and OEMs will purchase a license to our secure domain name registrar service. We provide the software suite and technology support […]

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