Gabriel Security Platform

Gabriel Security Platform is a cross-platform security infrastructure that has been created using VirnetX’s Gabriel Connect Technology.

This platform allows for creation of dynamic, on-demand secure, virtual private enclaves or Safe Neighborhoods within the Internet/intranet of authenticated devices which can now securely communicate with each other securely with end-to-end encryption.

Gabriel Enables Dynamic Secure Enclaves / Safe Neighborhoods

Gabriel Enables Dynamic Secure Enclaves / Safe Neighborhoods

The Gabriel Security Platform provides the networking and cryptographic infrastructure that enables the following services:

  • User defined security policy,
  • Seamless VPN initiation,
  • Secure Domain Name Service (SDNS) address request lookup feature:
    • Automatic VPN initiation,
    • Remote peer secure address resolution, and
    • Certified peer IP reverse address lookup
  • Cryptographic peer authentication,
  • Network Address Translation (NAT) firewall discovery and relay services when needed, and
  • Secure peer presence discovery

Gabriel Security Platform Services

The Gabriel Security Platform implements both Registry Services and Registrar Services to register user devices, provide network presence services, and SDNS for Gabriel devices throughout the Internet/intranet, as shown in Figure below;

  • Gabriel Registry serves as system root CA to authenticate, register and issue signed certificates (and revoke) to Gabriel Secure Domain Registrars. Allows the registrars to locate Gabriel peer devices for cross-registrar connection services
  • Gabriel Registrars register Secure Domain Names as well as locate authenticated peer devices, perform multiple security and connection services through Gabriel Connect Servers and Relay Servers.
    • Gabriel Connect Server perform account signup and renewal, device activation and certificate signing, as well as data base services which store and retrieve account configuration data. Manages devices, register presence, on-line status of peers, perform Secure Domain Name address resolution and initiate secure peer-to-peer VPN connections
    • Gabriel Relay Server performs peer-to-peer connection setup, where both peers are behind NAT firewalls, session traversal utilities for NAT (STUN) firewall traversal discovery, VPN channel relay, when direct channels are not supported by local firewalls, and out of band, periodic key exchange
  • Gabriel Secured Device Services run as services on the individual devices, which are secured by Gabriel Connection Technology™. These services are available as
    • Gabriel Secured Device Services for Desktop, available on OS X, Windows and Linux platforms, uses internal packet router and IP stack of the operating system, by intercepting DNS requests before they leave the device and using a virtual VPN network adapter for intercepting all packets associated with a VPN channel. This allows any application running on the device to use Gabriel VPN security without requiring any modification.
    • Gabriel Secured Mobile Services, available on Android and iOS platforms, have been adapted to address the system level access limitations to platform’s IP stack and DNS messaging imposed by mobile operating systems. Each application must integrate VirnetX’s Gabriel Connection Technology™ to utilize Gabriel security when present on the device. Simple and easy to use Application Programming Interface (API) has been provided by VirnetX to assist with this integration.

Gabriel Security Platform services

Gabriel Security Platform services

The Gabriel Security Platform is available on all major operating systems and supports seamless interoperation across Windows, OS X, iOS, Android, and Linux devices.

Gabriel Secure Mobile Services API

Mobile application developers can utilize Gabriel Secure Mobile Services API to integrate Gabriel security into their applications for mobile devices. This API includes a built-in IP stack that allows seamlessly, end-to-end secure communications all mobile and desktop devices that have Gabriel Security Platform support installed.

Gabriel Secure Mobile Services and Gabriel Secure Mobile Services API

Gabriel Secure Mobile Services and Gabriel Secure Mobile Services API

The API allows applications to use the Instant Secure Connect capability for intercepting a name resolution request, determine if a secure connection is requested, automatically establish it, if requested, and return the corresponding secure IP address for further communications.

Industry standard cryptographic software libraries and processes, including Secure Socket Layers (SSL-3), and AES (advance encryption standard), used to negotiate connections and for encapsulating and encrypting application data packets. Gabriel Secure Mobile Services API can also be integrated into corporate applications, in need of this security, deployed on Windows devices which use restrictive third-party anti-virus/firewall programs for corporate compliance.

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