Gabriel Collaboration Suite

Our Gabriel Collaboration Suite is an integrated set of real-time communication and collaboration applications built on top of the Gabriel Security Platform. The applications are accessible to the user through a single Graphical User Interface (GUI), offering a uniform user experience across all devices and operating systems.  The collaboration applications can run effectively as a single application and perform multiple functions simultaneously.  The real-time collaboration integrates multiple communications services, which include:

  • Secure Messaging with file sending and screen sharing (platform permitting),
  • Secure Group Messaging,
  • Secure Voice/Video Chat, and
  • Secure Mail

Additionally, Gabriel offers the following integrated set of secure network services:

  • Security Policy Management,
  • Secure File Share,
  • Secure File Backup and Sync, and
  • Secure Gateway Services for securing third-party network services (e.g. web, home monitoring and security, Windows Samba file share, remote desktop, etc.)

The Security Policy Management enables the user and/or domain administrator to customize access policies on a per-peer, per-service and per-file directory basis.  Both peers, as well as the peer domain can be specified to limit access to whom a user can securely chat, email, and share files. File sharing directories can be specified as read-only or read/write for specific peers and/or peer domains.  Peers not given access will not see the presence of un-shared directories.

In addition to providing secure communication and network services, Gabriel can be installed and configured on network server and gateway devices.  Using this capability, Gabriel supports Secure Gateway Services, thereby enabling secure, authenticated access to virtually any third-party server application and/or device on the private network. This is achieved by allowing the user to specify a communication port, which forwards data packets to third-party ports and IP addresses on the private network.  These Secure Gateway Services allow home users and organizations private authenticated access to any number of private network services from anywhere on the Internet/intranet.

Gabriel provides a unified interface across all devices and platforms, by offering a common user experience among the user’s mobile and non-mobile devices. For more information or to register and install Gabriel, please visit our website at


Our products are covered by one or more of our U.S. Patents and their foreign counterparts.

Product Name(s) Covered by one or more of the following VirnetX U.S. Patents, their foreign counterparts and continuations
Gabriel Connection Technology™ Software Development Kit  


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Gabriel Collaboration Suite
Gabriel Security Platform
Gabriel Connection Technology

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