Gabriel Security Platform White Paper

Gabriel Security Platform™

Protect Communications

with Private and Secure Domains

October 2016 


Gabriel Integration White Paper

“Take back your digital life”


  • Introduction
  • Gabriel Connection Technology™ Overview
  • Gabriel Security Platform Architecture Overview
  • Gabriel Integration Overview
    • Gabriel Secure Gateway Services
    • Gabriel Connect API
    • Gabriel Secure DNS API
  • Summary

Each day people wake up to hear or read about the latest data breach.  Companies are being compromised at an increasing rate.  While the financial impact can be recoverable, the damage to one’s brand is almost irreparable.  Global cyber-attacks demonstrate the challenge to protect your data.

The Internet was designed to allow devices to communicate with ease through public domains and Internet addresses.  Security was not a priority and add-on solutions came much later.  Continuous discovery of new “zero-day” attacks show that these add-on security solutions can only provide reactive protection until the next vulnerability is discovered. A completely new approach, one that is proactive and built on the foundations of security, is required to counter these growing threats.

VirnetX’s Gabriel Connection Technology™ has been architected and developed from its very inception to address these challenges by integrating VirnetX patented technology with industry standard cryptography, technology and practices. Originally developed for the intelligence community to provide private secure communications and data protection while leveraging the Internet infrastructure, Gabriel Connection Technology™ can now be used to secure all types of data communications through the use of private secure domains / internet addresses.

Gabriel Connection Technology™ provides end-to-end encrypted communication between any two devices on the Internet and intranet.  It has been designed to enable instant private and secure connections for ANY DEVICE, ANYTIME, and ANYWHERE across the Internet/intranet. This allows users the ability to privately chat, email, talk, video call, and share information regardless of where the users are located or the devices being used. Gabriel Connection Technology™ can be deployed on devices including, smart phone, tablet, laptop, desktop or servers, IoT, Cameras, etc. on private wired, Wi-Fi, public Wi-Fi or cellular networks.

Following a brief overview of the Gabriel Connection Technology™ and associated Gabriel Security Platform, this Gabriel Integration Whitepaper describes methods by which Application Developers and Systems Integrators can integrate the Gabriel Security Platform into their applications and private networks for securing and protecting communications. For a more in-depth discussion of the Gabriel Connection Technology™, Gabriel Security Platform and Gabriel Collaboration Suite, the reader is referred to Gabriel Secure Communications and Gabriel Collaboration Suite – Whitepaper.

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