Gabriel Security Platform White Paper


As data breaches continue to increase in frequency, size and impact damaging customers globally, there is a new security approach.  The Gabriel Security Platform provides new and robust technology for protecting communications of 3rd party applications.  Building on the Gabriel Connection Technology™, Gabriel Secure Communications and Gabriel Collaboration Suite; these technologies enable customers private secure communications and data protection through private secure domains and Internet addresses.  The Gabriel Security Platform offers 3rd party application developers three methods to utilize Gabriel’s protection.  They include, Gabriel Secure Gateway Services, Gabriel Connect API and Gabriel Connect Secure DNS API.

What was originally developed exclusively for the intelligence community to address the vulnerabilities of the Internet, Gabriel Instant Secure Connect software now provides private secure domains and Internet addresses.  The Gabriel Security Platform provides access to secure services such as Real-Time Communications, File, Network and Gateway.  ALL data is encrypted and is transported through encrypted tunnels using the existing internet infrastructure.  The Gabriel Secure network CANNOT be accessed through normal legacy DNS lookup. The power and flexibility of Gabriel Security Platform is available now.

“Hacker’s can’t hack what they can’t see!”



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