Gabriel Security Platform White Paper

Gabriel Connection Technology™ has been implemented as Gabriel Instant Secure Connect software and is now available Android, iOS, Linux, Mac OSX and Windows. Developers and system integrators have the option to support Gabriel Connect software at either the network or application layer depending on the type of device. Mobile operating systems, traditionally, do not allow the deployment of 3rd party network drivers and applications that modify the system network settings. Due to these operating system restrictions, Gabriel Connect software must be deployed at the application layer on mobile devices. On non-mobile devices the Gabriel Connect software can be deployed at either the network or application layer.  For example, Windows is more convenient to implement Gabriel Connect software at the application layer so 3rd party Secure Suites/Firewalls do not need to be configured to accommodate Gabriel Connection Technology™.

Figure 2  illustrates Gabriel Connection Technology™ implemented at the network layer (non-mobile operating systems). It shows how Gabriel Connection Technology™ can be directly connected into the operating system network stack where it can route IP traffic and capture all system DNS requests.

gabriel-security-platform-fig-2Figure 2 – Gabriel Connect Software Implementation at Network Layer


Figure 3  illustrates an alternative Gabriel Connection Technology™ implementation at the application layer (mobile devices and optionally other operating systems). Gabriel Connection Technology™ interfaces with the operating system IP stack through TCP/UDP sockets and legacy DNS resolution.  Gabriel Connection Technology™ performs secure DNS, routing to secure VPNs, encryption/decryption, and packet encapsulation/de-encapsulation is done at the application layer.  This is referred to as Gabriel Secure Virtual Tunnel (VTUN). 

gabriel-security-platform-fig-3Figure 3 – Gabriel Connect Software Implementation at the Application Layer

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