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March 2016

White Paper

“Take back your digital life.”



The Internet has become an integral part of people’s lives today with wide spread use for xcommerce, business, news and information dissemination, as well as daily social networking. This wide spread use and dependence upon the Internet has brought major challenges to maintaining privacy and security for both individuals and companies. The use of mobile computing with centralized cloud storage has only exacerbated these challenges by providing hackers with information rich targets to extract sensitive data for large numbers of individuals and companies, which can be used for a wide range of nefarious purposes (e.g. identity theft, credit card fraud, corporate espionage, personal data mining, etc.). This white paper presents both a network security technology, designed for current and future demands and an application suite built upon this technology that enables both individuals and organizations to take back control of their personal and sensitive data, thereby protecting themselves from these attacks.

VirnetX Holding Corporation (VirnetX) has released a real-time secure communications product called Gabriel, which provides end-to-end encrypted communication between any two devices on the Internet and intranet. Gabriel is based upon patented technology, which enables instant private and secure connections for ANYONE, ANYTIME, and ANYWHERE across the Internet/intranet. This allows users the ability to privately chat, talk, and share information regardless of where the users are located or the devices being used. Included are smart phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, appliance, or server devices. End-to-end encrypted security is available to devices whether on private wired, Wi-Fi, public Wi-Fi or cellular networks. These end-to-end private connections are mutually authenticated and access-controlled by connection policies defined by the user. Gabriel is available and communicates seamlessly between all major operating systems and vender devices; which include:

  • Apple iPhones, iPads, and Macintosh computers,
  • Android smart phones and tablets,
  • Windows 7, 8, & 10 tablets, laptops, desktops and servers,
  • Linux laptops, desktops and servers

This white paper covers the features and benefits of the patented Gabriel technology and the application suite. The Gabriel technology brings robust real-time privacy and security to both individuals and organizations as they use the Internet or Intranet in their personal and professional lives.

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