Gabriel Technology White Paper


Gabriel empowers individuals, corporations and organizations of all sizes, as well as government agencies to establish and administer their own private network enclaves or Safe Neighborhoods across the public Internet or within their own intranet. Gabriel provides cryptographic privacy of all data, voice, and video within the private enclave and cryptographic authentication of its participants. Gabriel’s flexibility allows the dynamic establishment, administration and teardown of these private enclaves, as needed, independent of device location.

Gabriel’s ANYONE, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE secure communications allow users to take back control of their own data from third-party cloud services. These third-party cloud services may be mining and reselling user data, while at the same time providing information rich targets for nefarious computer hackers. By placing a Gabriel enabled server behind a home or company firewall, personal and corporate data will stay on user owned and controlled devices. The Gabriel configuration prevents potential hackers from locating and accessing user information. The private and secure Gabriel Safe Neighborhood allows for private access by the authorized users from anywhere on the Internet.

“Take Back Your Digital Life”

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