Secure Domain Name registry and Gabriel Connection Technology™ Invisible Network Designed for past, present and future network security need


The Internet has become an integral part of organizations and people’s lives, enabling unprecedented access and reach.  Despite these benefits, wide spread use and dependence upon the Internet has compromised privacy and security for individuals, organizations and governments.  Mobile computing, cloud services, social networking and billions of IoT devices have created greater challenges for information security.  Cyber-attacks have grown exponentially in number and its impact has spread globally.   Current security solutions have not been successful in protecting the public Internet.  Data breaches negatively impact organizations and people’s time, reputation and bottom-line.  Now there is a solution; VirnetX’s network security technology, originally developed for the US intelligence community, provides a closed, private and secure global network.  VirnetX’s Gabriel security software is designed to meet the past, present and future network security needs.  Applications and services utilizing the Gabriel security software protects both organizations and individual’s data and communications from these cyber-attacks.

VirnetX Holding Corporation is a network services company whose software and patented technology secures and protects data and network communications.  With secure domain name registry and Gabriel Connection Technology™, customers register their own closed private secure domains or ‘invisible networks’.  These networks connect through dynamically changing IP addresses which cannot be found, nor accessed through public DNS, yet operate over the Internet.  Gabriel users, with trusted devices issued with a dynamic private and secure IP address, use secure DNS Connectivity to locate, check policy, connect and communicate via on demand VPN encryption with other Gabriel protected networks, users and devices with their own dynamic private and secure IP address.

You can’t hack what you can’t see’

The Gabriel Collaboration Suite™ includes easy to use applications, that allow businesses and individuals to communicate and collaborate with their peers in a secure, end-to-end encrypted invisible network. These real-time communications and network services include, Secure Mail, Secure Messaging, Secure Voice Call, Secure Share & Sync and Secure Gateway Service.  These applications and services are available through an integrated, easy to use and common interface on mobile or desktop devices.  Customers are free from intrusive 3rd party data scanning, outside email phishing and spam and other man-in-the-middle attacks.

The Gabriel Security Platform™ allows application developers to take advantage of VirnetX’s patented secure domain name registry and Gabriel Connection Technology to automatically perform user authentication, cryptographic peer device authentication, domain and user policy enforcement and zero click VPN over an invisible and closed network.

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